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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What day is it? Where am I? Belorado!

I think I walked 33.7 miles in the last two days.  Today I walked from Santo Domingo De Calzada to Belorado, 14.2 miles.  Yesterday 19.5.  Just had a nice "communal" dinner with a bunch of other pilgrims, the three at our table were all Germans.  A very nice bunch...  It rained a little today.  Just a light sprinkle, but it was mostly warm and comfortable.  

Yesterday a middle aged Spanish fellow took his morning walk from Ventosa to Najera and asked every pilgrim he ran across if they spoke English.  He then found me... he walked with me for two hours just talking in English. He was unemployed and wanted to practice his English.  He said he gets out daily for his walk and keeps up his english skills talking with pilgrims along the way.  Then he gets on a bus and goes back to Ventosa.  Nice fellow.  

Lights are out for now... More later, and hopefully more frequently.


  1. Hi MJ,

    Kay here. How are those tootsies of yours doing? Hope well. Hope you're doing ok too! What an adventure you're on! Good for you. :-) All is well here. Can't wait till you get back. I miss you!

  2. WOW MJ... 33.7 miles that is incredible. We are all so proud of you. I understand not taking extra clothes, and stuff but can I can not imagine not being able to see these beautiful pictures. The weight of carrying the camera will be worth it. We found Dewey roaming Summit this evening carrying a gallon of milk. Sarah and I walked from Moonlight Beach last night. We are all doing the walk with you.....

  3. Good to hear from you again. You're going to be a mean, lean walking machine when this is done! And we'll bring the wine for the slide show travelogue, so we can all enjoy the pictures.