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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Stage 11 into Stage 12 - In Ages

27.9 km's!!!!  Holy smokes... That's 17 Freaking miles... Today alone!!  MY FEET ARE KILLING ME!!!  That wasn't the worst part of it... I had to "gain" about 400-500 meters... THREE times!!  I think that's like 1500+ feet in elevation..  (that's why I'm sitting here drinking a beer right now)  The hight point today was at 3773 feet at the top.  Not really that high but still....

I walked from Belorado to a small village called Ages.  San Juan de Ortega was a very very interesting and beautiful village.  San Juan was a disciple of Santo Domingo (a saint dedicated to protecting and helping the pilgrims on their way to Santiago).  The church and Monastery were incredible.  The sarcophagus of San Juan was in the monastery.  The monastery was built in 1477, built somewhere else and moved in 1901 to this location.  I'll have pictures soon I promise.  

Anyway, I'm checked into my Albergue, showered and now waiting for dinner with my fellow pilgrims.  I can't tell you the number of people from so many different countries I've met. Last night I shared a room (6 beds) with a couple from the Netherlands, another gentleman from the Netherlands, and a Spanish fellow... the room next to us, 2 Americans, 2 Germans, 3 Sri Lankan's (Dad and friend living in Australia, son living in Brooklyn NY), an Italian woman, 2 Slovakian women... and on the road today met a couple from Brazil.  Very interesting... 

Now in Ages, I'm here again with the Spanish guy, the one fellow from the Netherlands, and a few of the others I've met over the last few days... In my ROOM is 2 Catalonian women, older women, 2 French folk, the Netherlands fellow, an Austrian, and god knows who else... only one problem with sharing a room with such an eclectic group... folks tend to run around in their skives!!!  (unders, pantalones...know what I mean?) Sorry that's just not for me... only 60 year old dude I want to see in his unders is Dewey!  

More to come...  I'll tell you about Janet's foot problem and the solution in a moment, after I find the pictures.
Buen Camino!!


  1. Way to go !! I think we hike Mt. Whitney when you get back while you are still in shape. Keep up the good work. You are not missing anything here.

  2. 27.9 kms that is incredible MJ... We love reading the blog everyday. We miss you

  3. I am so proud of you. Rest if you must, but don't quit. Dewey will owe you a foot rub. Precious says Hi! too. I miss you. Lot of Love

  4. 17 miles!!??!! I was pooped for days after walking 6. How's the weather been? Are the temperatures reasonable? Keep at it MJ - you're livin' large and making incredible memories!

  5. MJ Sé que están teniendo un montón de diversión. Tenga cuidado de los pies. Casi no puedo esperar hasta llegar a casa y me dice todo sobre España. ¿Se pregunta cómo llegué a saber español tan rápidamente?

  6. Great walking, MJ. We hope you're having fun!


  7. Good walking and good luck.

  8. This is awesome !! Keep up the walking